Current issues

The Student Press and Prior Restraint - MU 1AD supports the right of students to publish material . Restricting content hurt the quality of the student reporting. It also gives unusual power to administrators to censor critical content. The Walter Cronkite New Voices Act, sponsored by Missouri Rep. Elijah Haahr, is one bill. At least 20 states are also considering New Voices legislation. For more information please visit:

Shield legislation - The media has a role as watchdogs to protect their sources' anonymity should they wish to remain anonymous. States without shield laws cannot protect journalists from being subpoenaed to give privileged information to a judge. Missouri is one of 10 states which lacks this protection. MU 1AD is working with the Student Press Law Center on shield language that would create such a "reporters privilege" in Missouri.

Continue success of Campus Freedom of Expression Act - The Campus Freedom of Expression Act signed into law in May 2015 by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon guarantees students the right to assemble anywhere on outdoor areas of campus. However the university has not yet done enough to ensure that all expressive activities are protected, particularly expression made online. The university still encourages students to report "bias incidents" through university channels. Though bias incidents are unfortunate, there is no "hate speech" exception to the Constitution, much less exceptions for minor personal slights. The university needs to clarify this.